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Why just join a travel program when you can plan one?

Image by Theodor Vasile


Sunstone Travels specializes in allowing teens to develop their own planning strategies while helping to forge better executive functioning skills. A small group meets for 12 weeks to research the city of Barcelona and all that it has to offer while exploring the various aspects of travel planning. In essence, members will become travel agents contributing to the design of their own program.



Sunstone Travels supports collaborative teams so they can achieve their goals of planning and executing full days of international travel. 

During the 12-week course, daily logistics will be mapped out by the group members: meals, activities, travel arrangements, scheduling, and local outreach.

Image by Biel Morro


The cornerstone of Sunstone Travels is to help build high-level executive functioning skills by engaging each participant in leadership, organization, research, budgeting, scheduling, and time management. The girls will hone skills needed to execute these concepts, allowing them to take ownership of their adventures and earn personal accountability.

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